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How authors use TikTok to market their books.

Using TikTok as a marketing tool.

These days social media is an important tool for writers to promote and engage with current and potential readers. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and similar platforms have become necessary for the book industry. Every writer chooses the platform that best suits their work and, more importantly, which platforms readers most commonly use. Having said that, I never believed that TikTok would amount to a source of marketing tools for authors. Instead, I associated it with food, dancing, animals, comedy, and lip-syncing. Yet, despite all my doubts, TikTok is making waves with its book reading community, “BookTok.” Avid readers post videos and recommendations and have even revived old books back to bestseller lists! So how does it work? 

How to start marketing a book through TikTok.

  1. Observe how BookTok users engage in the space and get a feel on how it works. Once you are more familiar with it, start interacting with the community. It’s all about the readers, so leave comments and don’t be shy to communicate.
  1. To better interact with a broader audience, it is helpful to include captions on the videos. This is particularly beneficial if dialogue or voiceover is involved. Lastly, captions take into account accessibility but are also convenient for all people in general.
  1. Including hashtags are good in helping BookTok users to find you. Readers who gravitate towards a particular genre, theme, or topic may also discover new authors and books from trending hashtags. In addition, accompanying music has also become an essential part of the video. 
  1. It is advisable to focus on a niche. Whether on writing tips, advice, recommendations, guides, and many more. With so much content being pumped in every day, selecting a specific theme can craft a greater and long-lasting audience. 
  1. My previous statement touched on niches; however, creating videos that show universal content is equally powerful. In other words, content that applies to everyone regardless of geographic location and cultural differences. One of the ways to illustrate this may be to show the video’s background that captures the space in the video. Some examples might include piles of books not yet read or books that have significant meaning to you.  

How to decide if TikTok is the right app for you. 

TikTok is not for everyone. Not everyone enjoys video content and prefers written and visual content instead. If that is you, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook may be the better options for you. If you are camera shy (like me), it may be extremely strenuous to prepare a video, organize the background settings, let alone present. 

However, there are a host of authors who use the platform effectively and with great success! As a result, assess your readership demographics, content material, personal communication style that fits you, and lastly, a good understanding of what TikTok has to offer.