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5 ways creatives can market their products and services.

I love being around creatives! They think out of the box and generate new concepts and create original work. Whether being part of a creative project or just being surrounded by creative people inspires me. The act of being present and absorbing their artistry expands my imagination— osmosis at work :). Creative industries range from acting, crafts, architecture, writing, designing, filming, and more. They help in social inclusion, sustainable development, and human development.

Over the years, the creative economy and its contribution to the global economy have been key topics of discussion. Unfortunately, while these creative industries were steadily growing, they were cut short when the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2019. Many people lost their jobs during those first few months. However, behind the scenes, digital transformation was taking place where numerous companies shifted their operations online. Now everything is online, from meetings to teaching activities. Moreover, new online startups are popping up globally due to the rise of e-commerce.

Digitalization has been a gamechanger for the creative economy, impacting the entire creative value chain and changing the way we communicate, create and work.

The creative economy: moving in from the sidelines

How creatives market their work.

While online business activities have increased for the better, it has also made the competition more fierce. It is now more important than ever to promote and advertise these products and services. Here are five ways creatives can market their work.

1. Create a website.

Building a website is a great way to showcase a business. Not only does a website help promote the products and services a business has to offer, it can also:

I. Help establish a brand
II. Sell to customers online
III. Share updates and announcements.

2. Open a social media account.

Creating a social media account that links to the business is a great way to connect with current and future customers. Whether through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or others, social media can help connect with customers directly. As a result, the business can learn more about what customers want and like, and receive feedback on what´s not working.

3. Produce content and share.

You should share engaging content related to your business, such as a newsletter or blog. These regular posts share knowledge are great tools to retain customers. Moreover, if the content has strong SEO, it can also draw new customers.

4. Do co-marketing activities.

These days webinars, podcasts, interviews, and similar communication activities are excellent opportunities to discuss the creative industry, products, or services. This is because such dialogues give customers a sense of being invested in. Lastly, they can trigger greater loyalty.

5. Ask for digital PR coverage.

Ask bloggers, podcasters, or other organisations if they can feature your work in a guest post or interview. This is a good marketing strategy because guest posts or interviews will automatically be linked to your company resulting in marketing coverage.

Begin marketing your creative work now.

Marketing creative work online requires small but continuous investment. These five tips can help you start the process and grow your business!

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