Welcome to ‘Writing Art Now’.

What is ‘Writing Art Now’?

‘Writing Art Now’ is my new website featuring my writing services in digital marketing! I have always liked to write, or rather, I have always enjoyed the art of writing 😉. Words are powerful. They help explain, communicate and provide nuances that unveil deeper understanding. To me, writing has offered comfort in a confusing world. Through writing, I can decipher meanings I couldn’t understand at the time. To many, writing might be considered as a diary, but to me, it is annotating my surrounding environment. I believe many of us do this on a daily basis. We mentally take note, whether about a party we are attending, the client we are meeting or just doing something as simple as taking note about the departure gate we will be boarding. I do the same thing; I just write it. A few years ago, I continued that habit but to a much more public forum. I went to conferences, listening to speakers and their message and observed the crowd. Then I went back home to write about it. I always published my pieces at non-profit-organisations or similar institutions, and I loved doing it. I learnt a lot about writing and people but more importantly, I learnt a lot about the effort that organisations were striving to achieve. They taught me more about human issues of today that ranged from war, women’s rights, special needs and culture and society. These themes are often called third sector industries and they appealed to me.

It was through that journey of discovery and exploration, ‘Writing Art Now’ has been born.  It is a new website featuring my online services, bringing my pages to the digital arena. Writing on the web can provide information and engage. I am here to help.

Why did I go digital?

The Internet revolution arrived and it’s here to stay. A vast amount of activities can now take place online. This includes communication, reading, teaching, studying, e-commerce and more. It’s difficult to avoid. While there have been concerns surrounding its mental health, there are also many benefits. Writing on the web can connect people, cities, countries and continents. It opens up to new knowledge that we may not have had access before. Moreover, it creates platforms to learn about topics far and beyond our environment.

What will I be writing about?

Everything that we care most about. Volunteering at third sector industries opened my eyes to different people, stories, customs and cultures. Some stories will stay for a lifetime. One such organisation I volunteered at was Aidha. The NGO creates opportunities for foreign domestic workers and low-income women in Singapore. The institution teaches financial literacy, entrepreneurship, I.T. and confidence-building skills. It also has an English course. Every student I met had a unique story, opening my eyes to individuals whose tales had not been heard before. Another institution I became involved in was SPEAK. Originally founded in Portugal, it now has franchises in 11 countries and provides language groups that help integrate citizens and locals through conversations and cultural activities. This is all the while picking up a basic knowledge of a new language! It was through those experiences (and others), I decided to start my freelance work. At ‘Writing Art Now’, I focus on improving organisations’ online presence. My efforts surround social enterprises, NGOs and small businesses through audiences’ awareness and participation.

Today, citizens around the globe are getting involved. In a growing movement, individuals are calling attention to a better world. Whether on environmental concerns, education, migration and refugees, gender rights and more. Such organisations create avenues, opportunities and new resources to continue the conversation

At ‘Writing Art Now’ I provide three main services. These are, social media campaigns, advertising and media buying and content marketing. The Internet has changed the way organisations work. We can now connect faster and easier than ever before, where we can learn, engage and take action.

What’s next?

Keep a lookout for my new posts. In the coming weeks, I’ll journey through various topics. These include digital marketing, volunteering, NGO work, social enterprises and of course, writing. Feel free to drop me a line of any questions, feedback, suggestions or just to say hello!

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